01. I have 3 children: two with my [former] wife, and one with my present girlfriend.
02. Our company has just hired Sarah Poole, [formerly] with Jay Scott Inc.
03. My [former] employer gave me an excellent reference letter.
04. [Former] President Bill Clinton was involved in a big sex scandal with a White House aide.
05. Russia was the largest and most powerful part of the [former] Soviet Union.
06. When we were in Salzburg, Austria, we went to a wonderful pub which was a [former] monastery.
07. She was [formerly] married to a good friend of mine.
08. Alexandre Dumas observed that pure love and suspicion cannot dwell together; at the door where the latter enters, the [former] makes its exit.
09. Taiwan was known [formerly] as Formosa.
10. Istanbul, Turkey was [formerly] known as Constantinopole and Byzantium.
11. Joseph Stalin led the [former] Soviet Union for 24 years before dying on March 5, 1953.
12. The modern world's first black republic was established in 1844 in Liberia by [former] slaves and other blacks from the United States.
13. Directly east of Latvia is Russia, a [former] enemy, and now a strong supporter of Latvian independence.
14. In March of 1796, Napoleon Bonaparte married Josephine, the widow of a [former] French officer executed during the revolution.
15. In 1567, Mary, Queen of Scots remarried just three months after the assassination of her [former] husband King Henry.
16. In November of 1534, King Henry VIII became head of the English church - a role [formerly] held by the Pope.
17. The [former] French colony of Ubangi-Shari became the Central African Republic when it achieved independence in 1960.
18. In 2001, Moldova became the first [former] Soviet state to elect a communist as its President.
19. Blaise Pascal once said that faith is different from proof; the latter is human, while the [former] is a gift from God.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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